File Based Import and Export

To backup and restore StackState configuration and topology information we can use StackState’s import and export functionality. StackState’s configuration and topology data is stored in StackGraph. Telemetry information is stored in Elasticsearch.

StackState configuration and topology data

To back up StackGraph’s data on a running StackState instance:

/opt/stackstate/bin/ export --file <path to backup file> --graph default

Note: the path to the backup file needs to be writable by the stackstate user/group.

Alternatively, /opt/stackstate/bin/ can be used to create a backup that will be written to /opt/stackstate/backups/.

To restore topology information by importing a previous made backup on a running StackState instance:

/opt/stackstate/bin/ import --file <path to backup file> --graph default

Note: additional log messages can be found in <stackstate installation path>/var/log/stackstate.log

StackState telemetry data

StackState’s telemetry data is stored in Elasticsearch. To backup and restore Elasticsearch data we recommend to follow Elasticsearch’s documentation.