Using a custom registry

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This page describes how to use a custom image registry to install the StackState Agent. There are many reasons why you might want to do this, for example:

  • You want to use an image registry that is behind a firewall or on-premises.

  • You have specific security requirements that prevent you from using public image registries like Docker Hub.

In this guide you can find how to copy the required Docker images to your own registry, and how to configure the Helm chart to pull images from the custom registry.

Copying images to another registry

This section describes how to copy the images used by the StackState Agent to another registry. The images are listed in the Images section.


The following prerequisites are required to copy the images:

Copying the images

To copy the images, execute the following steps:

> docker login -u <username> --password-stdin <registry>
Password: ********
Login Succeeded
> ./ -d <registry>
  • The script will detect when an ECR registry is used and automatically create the required repositories. Most other registries will automatically create repositories when the first image is pushed to it.

  • The script has a dry-run option that can be activated with the -t flag. This will show the images that will be copied without actually copying them, for example:

  • Additional optional flags can be used when running the script:

    • -c specify a different chart to use.

    • -r specify a different repository to use.


The images listed below are used in the StackState Agent Helm Chart:

Configuring the Helm Chart to use a custom registry

This section describes the values that need to be configured in the StackState Agent Helm Chart to use a custom registry.

The following values need to be configured:

  • global.imageRegistry - the registry to use.

  • all.image.pullSecretUsername and all.image.pullSecretPassword The authentication details required for the global.imageRegistry.

For example:

      username: johndoe
      password: my_secret-p@ssw0rd

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