Ingestion API Keys

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Ingestion API Keys are used by external tools to ingest data (like metrics, events, traces and so on) to the StackState cluster. These tools can be STS Agent or/and OTel Collector.

Manage Ingestion API Keys

Keys can be managed via the sts CLI. The following commands are available:

> sts ingestion-api-key --help
Manage API Keys used by ingestion pipelines, means data (spans, metrics, logs an so on) send by STS Agent, OTel and so on.

  sts ingestion-api-key [command]

Available Commands:
  create      Create a new Ingestion Api Key
  delete      Delete an Ingestion Api Key
  list        List Ingestion Api Keys

Use "sts ingestion-api-key [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Create Ingestion API Keys

To create a Key in your instance of StackState, you can use the sts CLI.

> sts ingestion-api-key create --name {NAME}

Note that the Key will only be displayed once. It isn't possible to see the token again.

This command takes the following command line arguments:



The name of the Key.


Optional description of the API Key.


The expiration date of the Key, the format is yyyy-MM-dd. The expiration is optional.

For example, the command below will create a Key with the name my-ingestion-api-key:

> sts ingestion-api-key create --name my-ingestion-api-key
 Ingestion API Key generated: iapikeyok-aaaaa-bbbb-ccccc-ddddd

List Ingestion API Keys

The ID, name, expiration date and description of all created Ingestion API Keys can be seen using the sts CLI. For example:

> sts ingestion-api-key list                              
ID              | NAME                 | EXPIRATION | DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                             
250558013078953 | my-ingestion-api-key |            | - 

Delete Ingestion API Keys

An Ingestion API Key can be deleted using the sts CLI. Pass the ID of the Key as an argument. For example:

> sts ingestion-api-key delete  --id 250558013078953
 Ingestion Api Key deleted: 250558013078953

Authenticating using service tokens

Once created, an Ingestion API Key can be used to authenticate:

  • stackstate-k8s-agent

  • OTel Collector


The StackState agent requires an API key for communication, historically known as the Receiver API Key. StackState now offers two options for authentication:

  • Receiver API Key: This key is typically generated during the initial installation of your StackState instance,

  • Ingestion API Key: You can create Ingestion API Keys using the StackState CLI (STS). These keys offer expiration dates, requiring periodic rotation for continued functionality.

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