StackState v6.0

Configure Opsgenie notifications

To send notifications to Slack follow these steps:

Create integration

In order to integrate StackState with OpsGenie, a global "API key" needs to be created. The responders for a notification can be different for each notification and will be configured in StackState.

In Opsgenie, go to "Settings -> Integrations".

  • Click the "Add integration" button

  • Search for the "API" integration type.

  • Choose a name for this integration, but do not select an Assignee team.

When the integration has been created, it will have an "API key".

Create and test the channel

Select the appropriate region for your OpsGenie account and enter the "API key". Choose responders for the notification; users, teams, schedules and escalations are available for this.

Click the "Add channel" button. This adds the channel to the list of channels on the right. It will show a "Test" button. Pressing it will generate a test alert in OpsGenie.

OpsGenie alerts for notifications

When a notification is opened a new OpsGenie alert is created. This message will be updated for changes, usually only when the health state changes. When the notification is closed the OpsGenie alert is closed again. A note on the alert contains the reason for closing it.

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