Proxy Configuration

The StackState Kubernetes Agent allows you to configure HTTP or HTTPS proxy settings for the connections it initiates.

Proxy for communication with StackState

To configure the agent to proxy connections to the StackState backend, you can use Helm configuration.

Helm Configuration

Via values.yaml File

  1. Open your Helm chart values.yaml file.

  2. Locate the global.proxy.url configuration and specify the proxy URL:

        url: ""
  3. Optionally, if the proxy does not have a signed certificate, disable SSL verification by setting global.skipSslValidation to true:

      skipSslValidation: true

Via Command Line Flag

  1. During installation of the Helm chart, use the --set flag to specify the proxy URL:

    helm install stackstate-k8s-agent stackstate/stackstate-k8s-agent --set global.proxy.url=""
  2. To disable SSL validation via the command line, use:

    helm install stackstate-k8s-agent stackstate/stackstate-k8s-agent --set global.skipSslValidation=true

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