How to set up roles

Every user in StackState needs to have a subject and a set of permissions assigned. This instruction will take you through the process of setting up a new group called “StackState Manager”.

  1. Subjects need two pieces of information: subject name and subject scope. Create a new subject - set it’s name to stackstateManager and set the scope to 'label = "StackState" AND type = "Business Application”’ as in the following example:
  sts subject save stackstateManager 'label = "StackState" AND type = "Business Application"'

Please note that when passing a STQL query in a CLI command, all operators (like =, <,AND, and so on) need to be surrounded by spaces, as in the above example.

  1. Configured subjects need permissions to access parts of the UI and to execute actions in it. StackState Manager role needs access to the specific view of business applications, and there is no need to grant any CRUD, or StackPack permissions - they will not be used in day-to-day work by any Manager. To grant permission to view the Business Applications view, follow the below example:
  sts permission grant `stackstateManager` access-view "Business Applications"