Set up traces

StackState SaaS


This page describes the steps to set up traces that can be viewed in the StackState Traces Perspective.

For traces to be available in StackState, the StackState Agent V2 StackPack must be installed with one or more tracing integrations configured.

Set up

1) Install StackState Agent V2

The StackState Agent V2 StackPack enables integration with external systems to receive trace data. You can check if it is installed on the StackPacks page in StackState. If it is not installed, follow the StackState Agent setup instructions.

2) Configure tracing integrations

When the StackState Agent V2 StackPack is installed, you can configure integrations to receive trace data from external systems. One or more of the StackState Agent V2 integrations below can be configured to populate the Traces Perspective.

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