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The telemetry streams associated with an element are displayed in the right panel details tab when an element is selected to show its detailed information - Component details or Direct relation details depending on the element type that you selected. Telemetry streams are displayed in order of telemetry stream priority. There are four levels of priority: High, Medium, Low, and None. By default, all streams have priority set to none.

Stream priority is used in StackState to help determine the following:

Set the telemetry stream priority

To change the priority of a specific stream, follow the instructions below.

1. Select a component to display detailed information

Locate the component that you want to edit Telemetry streams for. Select the component to open detailed information about the component in the right panel details tab - Component details. See the screenshot below:

This displays the details of the component, such as Properties, Health status, and Telemetry.

2. Choose the telemetry streams to prioritize

Components can have multiple Telemetry streams. They are presented in a column, so not all of them are visible at first. Let's say that instead of BytesReceivedRate, you want to see PacketsReceivedRate right after the basic_health stream. Click the ... menu in the top-right corner of the basic_health stream and choose Edit:

3. Set stream priority

In the basic_health stream edit screen, set the Priority field to High, as this stream should be presented at the top of the list. Click Save and confirm the change:

Now navigate to the PacketsReceivedRate stream and open the stream editing screen. Set the Priority field here to Medium:

All streams have their priority set to None by default, so the PacketsReceivedRate stream is presented above them and below the basic_health stream, which has its priority set to High.

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