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The StackState UI displays a visualization of filtered data for each configured telemetry stream.

Telemetry streams are added to elements automatically when they are imported to StackState or you can manually add a single telemetry stream to a single component.

Telemetry inspector

Click on any of the telemetry stream charts, or select Inspect stream from its context menu, to open the telemetry inspector.

Within the telemetry inspector you can adjust the selected metric as well as the filters, time window and aggregation applied to the data source. Changes made here will not be saved to the telemetry stream attached to the element.

Anomaly feedback

When anomaly detection is enabled for a metric stream, users can give feedback on reported anomalies in the form of a thumbs-up ("well spotted!") or thumbs-down ("false positive"). For more elaborate feedback, it is also possible to add comments. Feedback added to anomalies will be used by the StackState team to further develop and improve the AAD.

StackState Self-Hosted

Extra information for the StackState Self-Hosted product:

In a self-hosted installation, feedback must be exported and sent to StackState for the StackState team to be able to access it.

Note that feedback is not used to train the local instance of AAD.

Comments added to an anomaly will be included in the data exported and sent to StackState. Take care not to include sensitive data in comments.

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