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This page describes StackState version 5.0.

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The Slack StackPack allows you to receive event notifications in Slack channels. The StackPack installs a number of event handler functions that can be used when adding an event handler to a view in StackState.

Slack is a StackState core integration.

  • Event handlers added to a StackState view run an event handler function in response to events that are generated in StackState.

  • A Slack event handler function sends an alert to the specified Slack Webhook URL with details of the generated event.

  • An alert appears in the Slack channel associated with the specified Slack Webhook.



Install the Slack StackPack from the StackState UI StackPacks > Integrations screen. You do not need to provide any parameters.


After the Slack StackPack has been installed, a Slack event handler function will be listed when you add an event handler to a view.

Note that you will need to create a Slack Webhook (slack.com).


When a new version of the Slack StackPack is available in your instance of StackState, you will be prompted to upgrade in the StackState UI on the page StackPacks > Integrations > Slack.

For an overview of recent StackPack updates, check the StackPack versions shipped with each StackState release.

Integration details

Data retrieved

The Slack integration is used to send event notifications to Slack. It does not retrieve any data from Slack.


To uninstall the Slack StackPack, go to the StackState UI StackPacks > Integrations > Slack screen and click UNINSTALL.

Before you uninstall the Slack StackPack, all event handlers that have been configured to use one of the Slack event handler functions installed by the StackPack must be deleted.

Release notes

Slack StackPack v0.0.7 (2021-12-10)

  • Improvement: Add description text to StackPack pages.

Slack StackPack v0.0.6 (2021-08-24)

  • Improvement: Add related problems to view health handler

Slack StackPack v0.0.5 (2021-08-23)

  • Improvement: Include contributing causes to the problem handler

  • Improvement: Support for warnings when Problems are created, merged and resolved.

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