StackState Self-hosted v5.0.x

This page describes StackState version 5.0.

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What is the Logz.io StackPack?

The Logz.io StackPack allows StackState to connect to Logz.io.

Using this StackPack, you can:

  • plot log events from Logz.io onto your topology

  • monitor and create event notifications based on Logz.io log events

Logz.io is a StackState curated integration.


Install the Logz.io StackPack from the StackPacks page in StackState.

StackState provides ability to make Logz.io and Elasticsearch wildcard search operations. This approach introduces the Support Wildcards in values switch in the Telemetry Sources page for Logz.io.

Optional Prerequisites:

  • To use wildcard search you need to set the Support Wildcards in values to the On status while creating a new Telemetry Source.

You can make wildcard searches for Logz.io in the Telemetry Stream for the selected components. Add a new stream to your component, then you can use following characters to enhance your search:

  • * - can match zero or more characters, including an empty one. Value should not start with an asterisk.

  • ? - matches any single character. You can add multiple question marks to the value. Value should not start with a question mark.

Please note, that the Support Wildcards in values switch is set to Off value by default. If this switch is not set to the On state, then * and ? will not be treated as an escaped character and will not trigger a wildcard search.


To search for the latest image related results, you could use a following filter and value:

wildcardImageSearch == example/image*latest

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