Initial run guide

StackState Self-hosted v5.0.x

This page describes StackState version 5.0.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.


This page provides all the information you need to install and run StackState.

Installation instructions

Install StackState on Kubernetes.

Address and port

To access the StackState UI:

  1. Access the StackState UI at: https://localhost:8080

Default username and password

StackState is configured by default with the following administrator account:

  • username: admin

  • password: Set during installation. This is collected by the script and stored in MD5 hash format in values.yaml


If you run into any problems during the installation of StackState or first run, check the StackState installation troubleshooting guide.

Next steps

Once you have StackState up and running, you can get started setting up integrations

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