Manually created topology backup

StackState Self-hosted v5.0.x

This page describes StackState version 5.0.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.

This page describes the process of exporting and importing manual topology data, i.e. components and relations that are not synchronized via StackPacks.


Export manually created topology

To export all manually created components and relations to a file manual_topo.stj using the StackState CLI:

  1. Create the export file:

    stac graph list --manual --ids Component Relation \
    | xargs \
    stac graph export --ids \
    > manual_topo.stj
  2. Check the generated file manual_topo.stj to make sure it contains a correct export of all your topology.

Breakdown of the export command used in the example above:

  • stac graph list --manual --ids Component Relation lists all ids of manually created components and relations.

  • | xargs connects the graph list and graph export commands.

  • stac graph export --ids exports all graph nodes by ids.

  • > manual_topo.stj dumps the results in the file manual_topo.stj.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE - from StackState v5.0, the old sts CLI is called stac.

In a future release of StackState, the new sts CLI will fully replace the stac CLI. It is advised to install the new sts CLI and upgrade any installed instance of the old sts CLI to stac. For details see:

Import manually created topology

Manually created relations to synchronized components may fail on import if these synchronized components do not exist anymore.

To import topology and relation data from a file manual_topo.stj using the StackState CLI:

sts graph import < manual_topo.stj

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