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This page describes StackState version 4.6.

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The SAP StackPack is used to create a near real time synchronization with your SAP system and also pulls the metrics from it. The components supported are:

  • SAP Host

  • SAP Host instance

  • SAP Process

  • SAP Database

  • SAP Database Component

SAP is a community integration.



To set up the StackState SAP integration you need to have:

  • StackState Agent V2 installed on a single machine that can connect to both your SAP Instance and StackState.

  • A running SAP instance.

Networking requirements

The StackState SAP integration requires the following TCP ports:

  • 1128 for HTTP

  • 1129 for HTTPS


Install the SAP StackPack from the StackState UI StackPacks > Integrations screen. You will need to provide the following parameter:

  • SAP Host Name - the SAP host name from which topology and metrics need to be collected.


To enable the SAP check and begin collecting data from your SAP host instance, add the following configuration to StackState Agent V2:

  1. Edit the Agent integration configuration file /etc/stackstate-agent/conf.d/sap.d/conf.yaml:

    • Include details of your SAP instance:

      • host

      • url - Use http for basic authentication (user/pass) and https for client certificate authentication.

      • user

      • pass - Use secrets management to store passwords outside of the configuration file.

    • To authenticate with a client certificate and private key, add:

      • verify - Set to False to skip verification of the client certificate (default True).

      • cert - Path to the client side certificate.

      • keyfile - Path to the private key for certificate.

      # Section used for global SAP check config
      init_config: {}
        - host: TEST-01             # <sap_host_name>
          url: https://test-01      # <sap_host_url>   
          user: test                # <username>
          pass: test                # <password>
      # Extra parameters for client certificate authentication:
          verify: False             
          cert: /path/to/cert.pem   # <certificate_path>
          keyfile: /path/to/key.pem # <keyfile_path>
  2. Restart the StackState Agent(s) to publish the configuration changes.

  3. Once the Agent is restarted, wait for the Agent to collect data and send it to StackState.

Integration details

Data retrieved

The SAP integration collects the following data:


The topology elements retrieved from SAP are described below, together with the associated metrics and events.

  • SAP Host

    • Free Space in Paging Files

    • SAP host control state

    • Size stored in Paging Files

    • Total Swap space size

  • SAP Host instance

    • Database connection status

    • Physical memory

    • Sap host instance state

  • SAP Process

    • SAP process health state

  • SAP Database

    • Backup exists

    • Delta Merges

    • Last Backup

    • License Expiring

    • Recent backup

    • SAP database state

    • System Backup

    • System Replication

  • SAP Database Component

    • SAP Database component state


The metrics described below are retrieved by the SAP integration.

  • SAP_ITSAMDatabaseMetric

    • sap.hdb.alert.license_expiring





    • TimeToLicenseExpiry

  • SAP_ITSAMInstance/Parameter


  • GetComputerSystem

    • FreeSpaceInPagingFiles

    • SizeStoredInPagingFiles

    • TotalSwapSpaceSize


The events described below are retrieved by the SAP integration.

  • SAP_ITSAMInstance/Alert

    • Oracle|Performance|Locks

    • R3Services|Dialog|ResponseTimeDialog

    • R3Services|Spool

    • R3Services|Spool|SpoolService|ErrorsInWpSPO

    • R3Services|Spool|SpoolService|ErrorFreqInWpSPO

    • Shortdumps Frequency

  • SAP_ITSAMDatabaseMetric

    • db.ora.tablespace.status


The SAP integration does not retrieve any traces.

API endpoints

The specific endpoints queried by the StackState SAP integration are described below. All named REST API endpoints use the HTTPS protocol for communication.

  • SAP_ITSAMInstance/Process??Instancenumber=

  • SAP_ITSAMInstance/WorkProcess??Instancenumber=

  • SAP_ITSAMInstance/Parameter??Instancenumber=


The SAP StackPack is open-source and can be found at

Release notes

The SAP StackPack release notes are available on GitHub.

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