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StackPack - script API

StackState Self-hosted v4.6.x
This page describes StackState version 4.6.
The StackPack script API provides handy operations to get the status of a StackPack or resources that are provided by a StackPack.

Function isInstalled

Returns a flag indicating if the StackPack is installed
  • name - the name of a StackPack. This much match exactly (case sensitive). The name of a StackPack can be found in the breadcrumb trail of the StackPack in the StackState UI or can be retrieved using StackState CLI command: sts stackpack list.
The example below will return an AsyncScriptResult of a boolean indicating if the agent StackPack is installed

Function getResources

Returns resources originating from the StackPack.
  • stackPackNamespace - the name of the URN namespace of the StackPack. For example aad checks for resources in the namespace urn:stackpack:aad.
  • nodeType - the type of node, for example CheckFunction or QueryView. You can get a full listing of all using the StackState CLI command: sts graph list-types.
The example below will return an AsyncScriptResult of an array of resources with type QueryView from the agent StackPack.
StackPack.getResources("agent", "QueryView")