Use a proxy for event handlers

This page describes StackState version 4.3.

The StackState 4.3 version range is End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported. We encourage customers still running the 4.3 version range to upgrade to a more recent release.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.


StackState can be configured to use a proxy for event handlers. When client proxy settings are configured for http or https in the StackState application_stackstate.conf file, these will be used by all event handlers. No further changes are required in the event handler script.

Configure a proxy for event handlers

To use a proxy for event handlers, proxy details must be added to the akka section of the StackState application_stackstate.conf file.

  1. Edit the file application_stackstate.conf.

  2. Add details of the proxy host and port to the akka section at the bottom of the file. Note that the specified proxy will be used for both HTTP and HTTPS requests.

   stackstate {

   akka {
     http {
       client {
         proxy {
           https {
             host = "example-hostname"
             port = 443
  1. Save the application_stackstate.conf file.

  2. Restart StackState to apply the configuration changes. All event handlers will now use the configured proxy.

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