Development setup

This page describes StackState version 4.1.

The StackState 4.1 version range is End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported. We encourage customers still running the 4.1 version range to upgrade to a more recent release.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.

The standard Kubernetes deployment of StackState is a production ready setup with many processes running multiple replicas. For development and testing purposes, it can be desirable to run StackState with lower resource requirements. Several example values.yaml files are provided in the Helm chart repository:

  • test_values.yaml sets the replica count for all services to 1, this effectively reduces the number of required nodes from 6 to 3.

  • micro_test_values.yaml goes even further and also reduces the memory footprint of most services, thereby making it possible to run StackState within about 16GB of memory.

Note that the generated values.yaml should also still be included on the Helm command line, e.g.:

helm upgrade \
  --install \
  --namespace stackstate \
  --values values.yaml \
  --values test_values.yaml \
stackstate \

Both the test and micro_test deployments are not suitable for bigger workloads. They are not supported for production usage.

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