This page describes StackState version 4.1.

The StackState 4.1 version range is End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported. We encourage customers still running the 4.1 version range to upgrade to a more recent release.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.

Tag: auto-widget

Data queried on the analytics page can often times show a preview. Data that is of some known format, like telemetry or topology, will therefore automatically be shown in a chart of topology visualization. This tag renders data exactly the way the analytics preview of the analytics would render data.

It looks at the shape of the data, and if it is of some recognizable type (determined by inspecting the _type) it automatically renders the data in an appropriate format.


  • data - any type of json data.


This is an example of a script that uses the auto-widget to render a telemetry chart:

  .query("StackState Metrics", "name='system.load.norm' and host='host1'")
  .aggregation("99th percentile", "5m")
  .then { host1Load ->
        "My report",
        // STML starts below
        |# Host 1 load
        | The last two hours of load on host1, aggregated per 5 minutes and by 99th percentile looks like:
        |<auto-widget data={metrics}></auto-widget>
        | Thank you for watching!
        // end of STML
        [ metrics: host1Load ]

Tag: heatmap

Shows a table of size rows x columns with color coded CLEAR, DEVIATING, and CRITICAL states. This is useful for showing multiple states over time or in combinations.


  • rows - array of the labels placed on the rows. The number of rows is determined by the size of the array.

  • cols - array of the labels placed on the columns. The number of cells is determined by the size of the array.

  • cells - two-dimensional array of state elements. Each element in the two dimensional array can either be CLEAR (green), DEVIATING (warning) or CRITICAL (red).


The following heatmap renders a table of 2x2 with all three colors.

<heatmap cols='["col1", "col2"]' rows='["row1", "row2"]' cells='[["CLEAR", "DEVIATING"], ["DEVIATING", "CRITICAL"]]'></heatmap>

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