Script API: Telemetry

Functions for accessing telemetry.

This page describes StackState version 4.1.

The StackState 4.1 version range is End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported. We encourage customers still running the 4.1 version range to upgrade to a more recent release.

Go to the documentation for the latest StackState release.

Function query

A telemetry query is a conjunction of equality conditions. E.g. name = 'system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'. There are several builder methods available that help to refine query time range, limit the number of points returned, or set a metric field.

Telemetry.query(dataSourceName: String, query: String)

As of yet telemetry queries only support metric queries. If you need event queries please enter a feature request at


  • dataSourceName - name of the data source.

  • query - set of equality conditions.



Builder methods:

  • aggregation(method: String, bucketSize: String) - returns aggregated telemetry using method and bucketSize.

  • start(time: Instant) - sets the start time of the query, e.g -3h.

  • end(time: Instant) - sets the end time of the query, e.g -1h.

  • window(start: Instant, end: Instant) - sets query time range. Use only start to get all telemetry up to now or only end to get all telemetry up to an instant in time.

  • limit(points: Int) - limits the number of points returned, applicable to none aggregated queries.

  • metricField(fieldName: String) - sets a field that holds metric value.

  • compileQuery() - returns the telemetry query that was created with this function and the builder methods. After this builder method no more builder methods can be called.


  • Get raw metric by query

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'")
  • Get metric aggregated using Mean during with bucket size 1 minute:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").aggregation("MEAN", "1m")
  • Query metrics starting 3 hours ago till now:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").start("-3h")
  • Query metrics starting beginning of the data till last hour ago:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").end("-1h")
  • Query metrics within time range starting 3 hours ago up to 1 hour ago:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").window("-3h", "-1h")
  • Query metrics from field "value" and limits points returned:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").metricField("value").limit(100)

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