What is the ServiceNow StackPack?

The ServiceNow StackPack is used to create a near real time synchronization of CI's and their dependencies from ServiceNow to StackState.

To install this StackPack we need to know the instance id of your servicenow account.


  • An API Integration Agent must be installed which can connect to ServiceNow and StackState. (See the API Integration StackPack for more details)

  • A ServiceNow instance must be running.

Enabling ServiceNow integration

To enable the ServiceNow check which collects the data from ServiceNow:

Edit the servicenow.yaml file in your agent’s conf.d directory, replacing <instance_ID>, <instance_username> and <instance_password> with the information from your ServiceNow instance.

# Any global configurable parameters should be added here
default_timeout: 10
min_collection_interval: 5
- url: "https://<instance_ID>"
user: <instance_username>
password: <instance_password>
batch_size: 100

To enable the ServiceNow check restart the StackState Agent(s) using below command.

sudo /etc/init.d/stackstate-agent restart

Once the Agent is restarted, Wait for the Agent to collect the data and send it to StackState.