What is the Cloudera StackPack?

The Cloudera StackPack is used to create a near real time synchronization with your Cloudera instance.


The following prerequisites need to be met:

  • StackState Agent V2 must be installed on a single machine which can connect to Cloudera Manager and StackState. (See the StackState Agent V2 StackPack for more details)

  • A Cloudera instance must be running.

NOTE:- We support Cloudera version 5.11.

Enabling Cloudera integration

To enable the cloudera check which collects the data from Cloudera instance:

Edit the conf.yaml file in your agent /etc/stackstate-agent/conf.d/cloudera.d/ directory, replacing <url>, <username> and <password> with the information from your Cloudera instance.

# Section used for global Cloudera check config
# mandatory
- url: <url>
# SSL verification
verify_ssl: false
# Read-only credentials to connect to cloudera
# mandatory
username: <username> # Admin
password: <password> # cloudera
# Cloudra API version
# mandatory
api_version: <api_version> # v18

To publish the configuration changes, restart the StackState Agent(s) using below command.

sudo /etc/init.d/stackstate-agent restart

Once the Agent is restarted, wait for the Agent to collect the data and send it to StackState.