Telemetry - script API

Functions for accessing telemetry.

Function query

A telemetry query is a conjunction of equality conditions. E.g. name = 'system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'. There are several builder methods available that help to refine query time range, limit the number of points returned, or set a metric field.

Telemetry.query(dataSourceName: String, query: String)

As of yet telemetry queries only support metric queries. If you need event queries please enter a feature request at


  • dataSourceName - name of the data source.

  • query - set of equality conditions.



Builder methods:

  • aggregation(method: String, bucketSize: String) - returns aggregated telemetry using method and bucketSize.

  • start(time: Instant) - sets the start time of the query, for example -3h.

  • end(time: Instant) - sets the end time of the query, for example -1h.

  • window(start: Instant, end: Instant) - sets query time range. Use only start to get all telemetry up to now or only end to get all telemetry up to an instant in time.

  • limit(points: Int) - limits the number of points returned, applicable to none aggregated queries.

  • metricField(fieldName: String) - sets a field that holds metric value.

  • compileQuery() - returns the telemetry query that was created with this function and the builder methods. After this builder method no more builder methods can be called.


  • Get raw metric by query

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'")
  • Get metric aggregated using Mean during with bucket size 1 minute:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").aggregation("MEAN", "1m")
  • Query metrics starting 3 hours ago till now:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").start("-3h")
  • Query metrics starting beginning of the data till last hour ago:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").end("-1h")
  • Query metrics within time range starting 3 hours ago up to 1 hour ago:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").window("-3h", "-1h")
  • Query metrics from field "value" and limits points returned:

    Telemetry.query("Sts Metrics", "name='system.load.norm.15' and host='localhost'").metricField("value").limit(100)