Prometheus mirror

Pull telemetry from Prometheus using mirroring


Prometheus mirror is a gateway between StackState and Prometheus that enables Prometheus telemetry in StackState.


The Prometheus Mirror has the following prerequisites:

  • The mirror must be reachable from StackState

  • Prometheus must be reachable from the mirror without authentication


The Prometheus mirror is available via the StackState helm repository. Configure your helm with these 2 commands:

helm repo add stackstate
helm repo update

Install the Prometheus mirror with the following command:

helm install prometheusmirror stackstate/prometheusmirror --set global.apiKey=API_KEY

Alternatively, you can use the docker container directly:

docker pull stackstate/prometheusmirror:latest

Mirror configuration

The Prometheus mirror is configured using the following parameters:

  • global.apiKey - the API key used to authenticate communication between the mirror and StackState

  • workers - number of workers processes (default: 20)

  • port - the port the mirror is listening on (default: 9900)

StackState configuration

In order to start using Prometheus mirror in StackState one has to create Mirror Datasource

Configure Mirror Datasource

Create a new Mirror datasource:

  • DataSourceUrl - points to Prometheus mirror endpoint http://:9900​

  • Api Key - should be the same key as specified by global.apiKey mirror configuration

  • Connection Details JSON - the mirror configuration json, for example:

    "host": "<prometheus host>",
    "port": <prometheus port>,
    "requestTimeout": 20000

    Prometheus host/port refers to the actual Prometheus host/port (not the mirror).

Query Configuration

Prometheus Counter

Counter queries fetch counter metrics from Prometheus. The retrieved counter values are transformed to a rate.

The following are sample parameters for a counter query:

  • __counter__ = go_memstats_lookups_total

  • job = payment-service

  • name = payment

  • instance =

Prometheus Gauge

Gauge queries fetch gauge metrics from Prometheus.

The following are sample parameters for a gauge query:

  • __gauge__ = go_gc_duration_seconds

  • job = payment-service

  • name = payment

  • instance =

Prometheus Histogram and Summary

Prometheus histogram and summary queries are not supported from the query interface. They still can be configured using tilda-query.

Tilda ~ query

The query allows arbitrary Prometheus queries, for example:

~ = histogram_quantile(0.95, sum(rate(request_duration_seconds_bucket{instance='', name='payment-service'}[1m])) by (name, le)) * 1000

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