Comparison between CLIs

StackState Self-hosted v5.1.x


StackState has a new CLI! The new CLI has many advantages and a few notable differences.

From StackState v5.0, the old sts CLI is called stac. The old CLI is now deprecated.

The new sts CLI replaces the stac CLI. It's advised to install the new sts CLI and upgrade any installed instance of the old sts CLI to stac. For details see:

Why a new CLI?

The new sts CLI has been built for a reason. Here are the major advantages of switching:

  • Easy installation and configuration for all Operating Systems

  • Native macOS support

  • Faster releases - the CLI is versioned independently of the StackState product

  • Backwards as well as forwards compatible with StackState versions

  • Machine-readable output for every command

  • Many UX improvements, including syntax highlighting, auto-completion and progress bars.

  • SaaS support

Notable Differences between the CLIs

  • Unlike stac, the new sts CLI won't have commands for sending data to StackState. For these purposes, you can use either the StackState Agent or the StackState Receiver API.

  • Some commands have been renamed to fall more in line with how we think of StackState today. For example, the old command stac graph is now called sts settings.

  • The new sts CLI only works with StackState v5.0 or later.

The sts CLI is:

  • 🎉 The new CLI!

  • Works with StackState v5.0 or later.

  • Contains all of the latest commands - see the CLI command overview.

➡️ Install the new sts CLI

Which version of the CLI am I running?

There are now two versions of the StackState CLI and the old version of the CLI has been renamed:

  • The new CLI is called sts - note that this name was used by the old CLI in previous releases of StackState.

  • The old CLI has been renamed to stac, this allows you to have the old CLI and new CLI installed on the same machine.

You can check which version of the sts CLI you are running with the following command:

$ sts version

# new `sts` CLI - example output:
1.0.0   | 2022-06-24T12:26:50Z | 6553352125d31a46c4790068e36c8eca32ace7fd

# old `sts` CLI - example output:
usage: [-h] [-v] [-i [INSTANCE]] [-c [CLIENT]]

# no `sts` CLI installed - example output:
command not found: sts

If you aren't running the new sts CLI yet, we recommend that you:

CLI command overview

The new sts CLI replaces the old stac CLI, however, not all commands are available in both of the CLIs. An overview of the commands available in each CLI can be found in the table below.

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