Splunk saved search

StackState provides ability to call Splunk saved searches from the StackState Splunk plugin. This approach replaces index lookup by saved search, and takes data from a Splunk saved search instead.

Optional Prerequisites:

  • Your Splunk data source should be extended with a Splunk username and a valid namespace. This information is optional - if not provided, the default Search&Reporting is set as a namespace.


You can call Splunk saved searches in Telemetry Stream pane for selected Splunk components. Add a new stream to your component and provide following as Filters:

  • ~savedsearch - this filter requires a string value that represents the name under that search is saved in Splunk Reports.
  • ~savedsearchparam_<savedsearch_param_name> - if your search has some additional parameters (macro replacements from Splunk), they should be specified in this filter as the parameter name after _(underscore). Value is a string.


To call a Splunk saved search testsearch with parameter host and a hostname machine1 you need to add two filters in the Telemetry Stream:

~savedsearch == testsearch~savedsearchparam_host == machine1