Context menus

One of the ways of interacting with components in StackState is through the context menus that appear whenever you hover a mouse pointer over one of these components. Context menus are providing specific set of actions that are available for specific components, like checking the neighbors of said component or showing a root cause of an issue.

Context menu structure

Each component has four categories in the context menu. Categories are as following:

  • overview
  • quick actions
  • dependencies
  • root cause analysis

Overview section

Information provided:

  • type
  • Last updated
  • health
  • propagation
  • connections

Quick actions

Available actions:

  • Show all dependencies
  • Show dependencies, 1 level, both directions
  • Show root cause
  • show root cause only


  • Direction
  • Depth

Root cause analysis

  • Hide everything else
  • Show root cause