Development installation pre 1.15


Before starting the installation, ensure your system(s) meet StackState's installation requirements.

Installing StackState in a single-node configuration

For a basic single-node setup of StackState, simply follow the instructions for Installing StackState.

Starting and Stopping

SystemD service

The RPM and DEB packages install SystemD services for StackState and StackGraph. StackState can be started with sudo systemctl start stackstate.service this will also start service StackGraph. Starting StackState can take some time.

After starting processes are complete, the service is available at http://<stackstate_hostname>:7070.

Stopping StackState

StackState can be stopped by sudo systemctl stop stackstate.service. StackGraph is not automatically stopped when stopping StackState, StackGraph can be stopped by sudo systemctl stop stackgraph.service.

StackState Status

Checking the service status can be done with sudo systemctl status stackstate.service and sudo systemctl status stackgraph.service.