Manual Topology

NOTE: Manual Topology StackPack is available from StackState version 1.14.4 and higher.

This StackPack contains everything you need to manually create topology (components and relations) in StackState.

Use the Manual Topology StackPack if you want to create topology in StackState via the GUI.

What is manually created topology?

StackState imports and consolidates topology information from various sources to create a real-time, up-to-date map of your IT landscape. Typically, this information is delivered and processed automatically.

If there is no automated data source available, you can create topology via the StackState GUI. This StackPack contains the required configuration (e.g. component types, check functions, etc.) required for this.

Creating topology manually

Go to the component type pane on the left. Choose one of the component types and click on it. A popup will appear to ask you about the name of the component details.