Directory check


Capture metrics from the files in given directories:

  • number of files
  • file size
  • age of the last modification
  • age of the creation



To capture Directory metrics you need to install the Stackstate Agent.

  1. Ensure the user account running the Agent (typically sts-agent) has read access to the monitored directory and files.
  2. Configure the Agent to connect to your directories. Edit directory.yaml in your conf.d directory.

        # For each instance, the 'directory' parameter is required, all others are optional.
        # Instances take the following parameters:
        # "directory" - string, the directory to monitor. Required.
        # "name" - string, tag metrics with specified name. defaults to the "directory"
        # "pattern" - string, the `fnmatch` pattern to use when reading the "directory"'s files.
        #                     default "*"
        # "recursive" - boolean, when true the stats will recurse into directories. default False
        # "countonly" - boolean, when true the stats will only count the number of files matching the pattern. Useful for very large directories.
        -  directory: "/absolute/path/to/directory"
           name: "tag_name"
           pattern: "*.log"
           recursive: True

  3. Restart the Agent


To validate that the check has passed run the agent info command. The output of the command should contain a section similar to the following:



    - instance #0 [OK]
    - Collected 8 metrics & 0 events