Stackstate-Windows Services Integration


Monitor the state of your Windows Services.


Configure the Agent using the Agent Manager

  1. Edit the “Windows Service” configuration in the Agent Manager.

      # For each instance you define what host to connect to (defaulting to the
      # current host) as well as a list of services you care about. The service
      # names should match the Service name in the properties and NOT the display
      # name in the services.msc list.
      # If you want to check services on a remote host, you have to specify a
      # hostname and (optional) credentials
      #-  host: MYREMOTESERVER
      #   username: MYREMOTESERVER\fred
      #   password: mysecretpassword
      #   tags:
      #     - fredserver
      # The sample configuration will monitor the WMI Performance Adapter service,
      # named "wmiApSrv" in the service properties.
      - host: . # "." means the current host
          - wmiApSrv # service names are not case-sensitive
  2. Restart the agent.


After you restart the agent, check the info page in the Agent Manager and verify that the integration check has passed. It should display a section similar to the following:



      - instance #0 [OK]
      - Collected 8 metrics & 0 events

For more details about configuring this integration refer to the following file(s) on GitHub: