Stackstate-TeamCity Integration


Connect TeamCity to Stackstate to create events for each build in order to:

  • Monitor the status of your builds and deployments
  • Collect stats and bind tags to every step of your builds.



  1. Configure the Agent to connect to TeamCity

     # Add your different projects in here to monitor their build
     # success with Stackstate events
         # A custom unique name per build configuration that will show
         # in the events
       - name: My Website
         # Specify the server name of your teamcity instance here
         # Guest authentication must be on if you want the check to be able to get data
         # When using the optional basic_http_authentication use
         # server:
         # This is the internal build ID of the build configuration you wish to track.
         # You can find it labelled as "Build configuration ID" when editing the configuration in question.
         build_configuration: MyWebsite_Deploy
         # Optional, this turns on basic http authentication. Defaults to False.
         # basic_http_authentication: true
         # Optional, if you wish to override the host that is affected by this build configuration.
         # Defaults to the host that the agent is running on.
         # host_affected: msicalweb6
         # Optional, this changes the event message slightly to specify that TeamCity was used to deploy something
         # rather than just that a successful build happened
         # is_deployment: true
         # Optional, this turns off ssl certificate validation. Defaults to True.
         # ssl_validation: false
         # Optional, any additional tags you'd like to add to the event
         # tags:
         #   - test
  2. Restart the Agent

For more details about configuring this integration refer to the following file(s) on GitHub:


Execute the stackstate info command and verify that the integration check has passed. The output of the command should contain a section similar to the following:



      - instance #0 [OK]
      - Collected 0 metrics & 1 events


This integration only create events. It will not return any metrics.