Enable the Stackstate StatsD integration to:

  • Monitor uptime and availability of a StatsD server
  • Collecting metrics from a StatsD server’s admin interface

Please note the Stackstate Agent includes stsstatsd which serves as a StatsD forwarder. This integration is intended for monitoring external StatsD servers, and is not needed to send metrics to Stackstate using the StatsD protocol.


To configure the Agent to connect to StatsD, edit /etc/sts-agent/conf.d/statsd.yaml. An example configuration can be found at statsd.yaml.example.


  - host: localhost
    port: 8126

HOST: Set the host name or ip address of the StatsD server being monitored.

PORT: The admin port of the StatsD server being monitored.

For more details about configuring this integration refer to the following file(s) on GitHub:


Execute the info command (/etc/init.d/stackstate-agent info on *NIX) and verify that the integration check was successful.